Amy Lowres GiddonAmy Giddon is a seasoned leader that provides businesses and brands with the clarity and alignment they need to grow, serve customers, engage partners and fulfill employees. Amy’s unique strength is her ability to inhabit and bridge the intersections between strategy and implementation and analytics and creativity. As both consultant and executive, she has developed growth strategies deeply rooted in customer and marketplace intelligence and data, and developed the plans to ensure those strategies are implemented consistently and creatively.

As the President of RushCard, Amy revitalized the brand, focused the organization on the most critical metrics and processes, increased key functional competencies and forged strong relationships with industry partners and influencers. She led the Customer Engagement, Product Development, Brand, PR, Data Analytics, Insights, and Government Relations teams, which were instrumental in achieving the 60% growth in revenue during her tenure. Previously, at American Express, Amy held leadership roles in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Business Partnerships, and Customer Information Management. In each of these roles, she tackled complex issues through a disciplined, data-driven but creative approach that uncovered new opportunities and improved performance. Amy started her career as a consultant at Bain and Company where she worked side by side with clients to develop and implement breakthrough business strategies. Most recently, Amy has devoted her energy to the development of the next generation of leaders at the Athena Center for Leadership at Barnard College. She tapped into the latest research on women in the workforce and partnered with clients to design and deliver innovative high-impact leadership programs that move the needle on women’s advancement.

Amy is a highly collaborative leader able to generate the support and engagement required to capitalize on new opportunities. Enriching her partners, colleagues, and staff through their work together is as much a hallmark of her leadership as the business results achieved.

Amy graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University with a BS degree in Computer Science and Economics.