We consistently help investors achieve greater return from their investments. We have a proven ability to quickly and thoroughly assess any retail or omni-channel company, focusing on its vision, strategy, management structure, infrastructure, business processes, controls, and future prospects for sustainable growth. These assessments provide investors with an accurate, professional evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their portfolio companies and the opportunities for dramatic performance improvement along with a roadmap for achieving success

Our assessments serve as an extraordinarily effective foundation for practical, manageable action plans for performance improvement in portfolio companies.

Our Portfolio Assessment capabilities include:

  • Management Team Review
  • Organizational Structure Review
  • Market and Brand Review
  • Merchandising Review
  • Presentation and Marketing Review
  • Store Design and Build Out Review
  • Store Operations Review
  • Financial Metrics and Benchmark Comparison
  • Information Technology (IT) Review
  • Systems Review
  • Real Estate Process Review
  • Real Estate Potential Assessment

Our Investment Advisory Clients