Information Technology for the Digital

The speed, complexity and consumer expectations in the Digital world put incredibly high demands on Information Technology (IT).  The emergence of new technologies and platforms, social media shifts, the drive for “delivery now”, tailored user experiences, and seamless customer engagement regardless of channel, puts IT in the forefront of the business like never before.

The Grayson Company approach to IT focuses on the proven and unique IT solutions that are mission-critical to omni-channel companies.  We have worked with omni-channel companies, public and private, large and small, throughout the full lifecycle of IT solutions.  Our consultants have hands-on experience with leading omni-channel application solutions and infrastructure.  We specialize in real-world Program and Project Management.  We focus on the aspects of Business-IT alignment, organizational change readiness, and business process improvement that are critical to successful IT delivery in the omni-channel.

Our IT engagements have included assessments, IT strategic planning, technology/software selections, and helping client through the implementation of our recommendations.  We often assist the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other senior company leaders in defining, prioritizing, and overseeing the successful implementation of new processes and systems.

TGC consultants can operate in a variety of IT-related roles depending on the client situation.  We are experts at conducting IT assessments and developing strategic plans, leading or facilitating the overall efforts.  During selections and implementations, we can take responsibility for specific tasks and deliverables or we can manage the overall work effort. Our experience in omni-channel, technology, and project management allows us to adapt to the client situation and deliver outstanding results.

Our Digital Clients