At the Intersection of Brick and Mortar & Web based Commerce

The intersection of “traditional” ecommerce, explosive social media growth, mobile platform transformation, optimization of retail “brick and mortar” facilities as “demand now” delivery hubs, “flash” sale merchandising and marketing, and new “geo fencing” techniques is converging at blinding speed.

At the intersection of these new technologies, and the “share shift” of consumer buying patterns driven by them, is the urgent need to carefully integrate these technologies, techniques and planning processes.

Careful Omni-Channel integration is not only about planning technologies and facilities, but carefully assessing and planning the shift in organizational, team and leadership structures necessary to optimize the shift to Omni-Channel commerce, and to prepare for the future shifts that will be inevitable.

The Grayson Company Team has been fully engaged in every aspect of the Omni-Channel evolution, and is adept at providing direction, planning tools and strategic guidance for the optimization and integration of the multiple “silos” that need to be seamlessly blended to effectively compete now, and in the future.

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