Wholesale Shop in Shop – Showcasing Your Brand

The final presentation of a manufacturer’s product in the wholesale customer’s stores can have a profound effect on the consumer perception of the brand and product and on performance at retail.  The best performing brands at in the department store world, (Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Estee Lauder, Nike, etc.) are masters at the creation and installation of shop-in-shops

The Grayson Company Team has extensive hands on experience in planning and implementing highly successful wholesale shop-in-shops. For example, Partner Kevin Mullaney was responsible for the largest and fastest shop-in-shop design and  rollout in the history of the industry while a senior executive at Tommy Hilfiger. He developed, sourced, installed and staffed over one million square feet of new retail Tommy shop-in-shops globally in less than three years.

Today, Kevin is regarded as one of the world’s experts in brand concept development.

Our Wholesale Consulting Clients