Planning for Rapid Change

Strategic planning in the Digital world is highly complex and change in the industry occurs at a blinding pace. . The emergence of new technologies and platforms, social media shifts, the drive for “delivery now”, the utility of “geo-fencing” techniques, all demand new ways of thinking and planning for Digital commerce.

The Grayson Company approach to strategic consulting is practical yet insightful. We think long and short-term, and emphasize both the quantitative and qualitative outcomes of these time horizons.

We have worked with firms, public and private, large and small, on every stage of strategic planning including preparation for business capitalization, as well as for board level consideration.

Our strategy engagements have included focus on development of long term strategic plans and short term operating plans for total company as well as for operating divisions or functional operating areas of the business.   Our plans are highly actionable and our process includes a dependable system for assigning responsibilities and due dates and reporting progress as the plan is executed.

TGC consultants can operate solely as facilitators, managing and coordinating the planning process for management teams, as a facilitator of the process, but also participating based on our knowledge of the industry and the company, or strictly as a participant in a process led by a member of management or a third party facilitator.  We are equally comfortable and capable in all roles.

Our Digital Customers