The Foundation of Every Retail Business

Maximizing the quality of support provided to the customer facing functions of the retail business by the back office departments while minimizing central overhead costs requires top level talent, best practices in place, and an extraordinary commitment to both excellence and efficiency,

TGC consultants bring to their assignments, retail consulting back office support experience acquired in some of the top performing retail groups in the industry, and each TGC engagement allows them to constantly update and hone their command of their subject. We have the skills and real operating experience to confidently assist our Clients with the most complex Accounting and Finance, Budgeting and expense control, ,IT, performance metrics, Human Resources or Logistics  challenges imaginable.

TGC’s excellent resources in retail back office support allow us to address immediate challenges requiring immediate solutions, provide interim leadership if required, and to assist in the establishment of staffing, infrastructure and business processes to deliver the quality support required by the ongoing operation and growth of the business.

Our Retail Consulting Clients